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Unique by ∞ Design ∞

∞ Expertly Crafted 3D-NFT Artworks ∞ Realizing Visions ∞ Bringing Ideas to Life ∞


Design Team

Our Incredible Team are dedicated to and motivated by Internet Computer Protocol. As with Dfinity we took 'The Blue Pill'. This ensures that our designs possess Unique and Rare Qualities.


DfinityDeck Project.. ∞ Paradigm ∞

#54 NFT Playing Cards, created as a tribute to Dominic Williams - Founder & Chief scientist of Dfinity. Two DfinityDeck collections will be released in 2022. First release will be 'TheParadigmPack' and all Cards Will Possess Secret Powers in the DfinityDeckSwap game. Second release - #2808 3D-NFT Playing cards and the launch of the 'Swap and Trade' game... DFINITY DECK SWAP. Collect, Swap and Trade your Cards to WIN rewards! Full details of the DfinityDeckSwap rules and the rewards will be published here and on social media channels soon.

To keep up to date with our project announcements watch this space and follow us on social media. Launch Date.. 07.01.22


Other Projects

1.MUSICPOWER - Bringing the power of music to our creations and the Internet Computer. 2. ICanime - Enchanting anime stories featuring NFT characters. 3. #111CP - The Number of The Angels. A collaboration of world famous artists producing just 111 NFTs.

Coming Soon 2022


This project is aimed at a New Generation of Musical Talent and Production


We're currently researching the many exciting features that anime can bring to IC


Globally renowned Artists come together to create a gallery of the Future.

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